Monday, June 27, 2011

03. Bujang Lapok Nasi Padang: Nasi Padang

Continuing the gastronomic adventure, here's a third review of a different place. This time, it's along Ubi Ave 3, at 50/52 Frontier building. The eatery is called the S&R Eating House. There are about 10-12 Asian food stalls here, including a Thai-type stall. The canteen is quite airy and cool, even on a hot day.

The dish of the day is the Nasi Padang meal from the Bujang Lapok Nasi Padang stall. This stall is manned by a three people: and elderly man and woman, and a very young lady. The staff are rather friendly and helpful.

I selected to have  beef rendang, a fried egg and and tempeh & tahu goreng (mixed vegetable dish), with a bit of sambal belachan on the side, with white rice. Cost: $3.50.  The food was not as tasty or fresh as the previous occasions, and the fried egg was especially hard and expired.

Taste: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Presentation: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Service: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Cleanliness: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Price: Cheap | Fair | Pricey | Not worth it!

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