Monday, June 27, 2011

02. Yong Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice: Chicken/Char Siew Rice

Today I decided to try a new place, this is the sister building of the previous location. This one is at 33 Ubi Ave 3, but the food shop is along Ubi Road 2. It's called the Hoha Eating House. It's pretty hot during lunch time as the sun is shining very brightly. There are large awnings to prevent the noonday sunshine from entering the eatery, but this also has the unfortunate side effect of trapping the heat within. Eating House.  There are about 7 stalls of various standard varieties here.

The dish of the day is the Chicken Rice dish from the Yong Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. This stall is manned by a 2 people, and the serving lady is very polite and friendly.

I selected to add char siew to my meal. And what is chicken rice without the sambal chilli?!. The meal came with a plain but tasty soup. Cost: $3.00.

Taste: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Presentation: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Service: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Cleanliness: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Price: Cheap | Fair | Pricey | Not worth it!

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