Monday, June 27, 2011

01. Makan Inc.: Malay Rice

The first review! I'll kick off with this place along Ubi Ave 4, called the U-10 Eating House. It's just after the ComfortDelgro Driving Centre, on the opposite side of the road. It's a relatively new building and rather clean, as far as industrial area kopitiams go. There are a few food stalls catering to the usual variety of dishes, including western food.

The dish of the day is the Malay Rice dish from the Makan Inc. stall. This stall is manned by a few friendly people and serves a variety of malay dishes, including some tid-bits like epok-epok (curry puff) and kueh-mueh (variety of sweetmeats).

I selected to have a begedil (potato dish), ayam lemak (curry chicken) and tempeh & tahu goreng (mixed vegetable dish), with a bit of sambal belachan on the side. Cost: $3.50.

Taste: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Presentation: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Service: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Cleanliness: Poor | So-So | Good | Excellente!
Price: Cheap | Fair | Pricey | Not worth it!

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