Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to a brand new Food Blog: Singapore Makan Spots!

This is my first food blog. Yeah, yeah, you've probably seen lots of them around, and with this one being so new, I guess there's not much to compare yet. But, I am going to have a go anyway. This blog will have a theme, Makan Spots around the Workplace.. I intend to serve the workers amongst us, looking for good food during lunch time.  For the beginning, I shall concentrate in the Ubi industrial area, 'cos that is where my office is. So every lunchtime or so, I shall take a walk around the area and visit an eatery, have my lunch and then blog about it!

I shall rate the food on a few different criteria such as taste, price, service quality, presentation and cleanliness. And then give an overall grade upon 3 stars (hopefully similar to Michelin! ha ha!)

Well, the review shall be as honest as possible, and subject to my tastebuds. Readers are free to object and post their own comments to the reviews, as everything is open to debate and discussion; but, please be civil, thanks! 

By the way - I wish to categorically state that I am not affliated to any of the shops that I shall be reviewing on; it's all done voluntarily, and without fear or favour; I pay for all the meals myself, and these shall be impartial reviews.

I hope, soon, with a nice collection of reviews, this blog would be helpful to everyone in this area who may be sick of the usual places to eat, and wishes to try something new.

So without further ado, let's makan!

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